Update and Expansion

Update and Expansion
December 3, 2015 admin


For the last five and a half years we have been working with the population of children who have been rescued from sex trafficking. During this time and with your generous support, we have accomplished so much and wanted to share a few of those achievements with you.

1. Opened and sustained two Courage Houses for over four years– one in Tanzania, Africa and one in Northern California where over fifty girls have begun their journey of healing. 80% of all new businesses that open fail within the first twelve months. We attribute our success to a tremendous leadership team as well as an intentional, diversified funding stream.

2. Achieved national leadership status in serving child victims of sex trafficking by producing documented results and outcomes based on best practices not previously seen nor documented with the population we serve. CWW was chosen to be a part of a 3 year mental health study documenting the results at Courage House Nor Cal.

Here are a few of the published outcomes from Courage House.

  • Only one (1) run away attempt in the last thirty-two (32) months.
  • Only one (1) 911 call within the last twenty four (24) months.
  • Only one (1) violent instance in the last twenty-four (24) months.
  • Only one (1) property damage in the last twenty-three (23) months.
  • A 100% increase in grade point averages and a 70% reduction of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms.

3. Educated and trained tens of thousands of individuals with regard to this crime against our most vulnerable. Attendees have included members of Congress, state lawmakers, foreign government leaders, educators, mental health professionals, law enforcement officers, health care and social workers, high school and college students, church leaders, and juvenile justice personnel. In addition, we have certified 1500 individuals to work with this vulnerable population.

COURAGE HOUSE CLOSE-UP (1)_sml_caption

4. Developed a prototype of “Courage House” that is replicable and scalable. The Courage House model is trauma focused and can be applied to multiple populations and locations.

We are now ready to expand!

Expansion is in my heart and the hearts of others. We have over twenty-five individuals from around the world who are ready to become a part of the Courage House family, taking the Courage House prototype and opening homes in their respective states and countries. In addition, Courage Worldwide is expanding our offices regionally here in the U.S. by opening offices in Mississippi and Texas as well as an international office in Tanzania, Africa. 80 acres and a home have already been secured in Mississippi and another home identified in Texas. CA Logo

We have begun the licensing process in both states, interviewing staff and beginning our fundraising efforts to open these strategic homes in the Southwest and Southeast for children who are recovered by law enforcement but have no safe place to begin their journey of healing.

Expansion is also happening at our Northern California and Tanzania campuses. We have submitted construction documents to the county and anticipate breaking ground on two cottages next year as well as purchasing land in Tanzania to expand our capacity there.

All of these expansion plans mean that we will be able to bring more girls home. Since we opened in 2011, we have said no to over 300 girls who needed a safe, secure home here in the U.S., and if we had the space in Tanzania, we could bring another 100 girls home.

Expansion is critical to meet the needs of these children. Rescue is the easy part. Restoration takes a great deal more. Please consider investing in our expansion plans around the world so we can say “yes” to more children who have experienced things no human being should ever experience.