Don’t Give Up; You Can Do It

Don’t Give Up; You Can Do It
October 1, 2012 admin

People say follow your dreams
Others say follow your heart
But I’m not quite sure what I want to do

My dreams are nightmares, and my heart is cruel
I may not show that my heart is cruel, but it is
My saying is, ‘Fake it to make it’
But now it’s sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me

You know what? That’s not always true
A little birdie told me that words cut deeper than wounds
I didn’t believe it, but somehow someway it’s true

It didn’t quite get to me, but it got to people around me
I look in my past and I say, wow it is true, I used to let everything get to me,
But you know what, NO, NOT ANYMORE.

I’ve learned from my mistakes
I just hope that I could help everyone around me to understand how to get it
Because I know how it feels to feel like a quitter, to feel like a loser and to feel like a failure.

But honey, you are far from it because all the stuff I’ve been through
I’ve gotten past it and I’m here to tell you
Don’t give up, you can do it
Keep going, and don’t let words or insecurities bring you down