Courage Worldwide gets a NEW look!

Courage Worldwide gets a NEW look!
February 5, 2016 admin


Courage Worldwide is ten years old and we are getting a new look! In June of 2005, I started a non-profit organization to help people find their purpose. That organization was called Courage To Be You, Inc. (C2BU). Then in 2007, my heart was broken for children who had been trafficked and sold for sex. I began to wonder—Who were they created to be? What were they created to do? I realized for them to ever discover their true identity and destiny, someone would need to rescue them; someone would need to love and protect them; someone would need to build them homes and call them family.

Our new logo, with the shield, the heart, and the house, symbolize that desire.

Our dreams and plans for the next ten years are enormous. We are expanding our existing campuses in Tanzania, Africa and Northern California, as well as opening regional offices throughout the United States; first in Texas and Mississippi. Our vision is to engage 1,000,000 people to build 1,000 homes in 100 countries during the next 10 years, so that hundreds of thousands of children can be protected and set free—and to become and do all they were created for. Will you help us? Our end game is to end this thing, while caring for the children who have been victimized and traumatized by this vicious crime.

We need you.


Jenny Williamson

P.S. Stay tuned for our new website!