Courage House NorCal: Welcoming Our First Princess

Courage House NorCal: Welcoming Our First Princess
September 16, 2011 admin

This month God has begun to fulfill the dream that He gave Jenny years ago!! Courage House has finally welcomed home our first princess!  This beautiful young lady is settling into her new life –school, horseback riding lessons, recreational activities, and yes – even a few surprise “visits” from ranch-friendly reptiles (those of course were always given away by the typical high pitched girlie scream). 

Watching the wonder in her eyes as she tries new things and experiences new family “traditions” (like Fancy Family Dinner night) brings a renewed joy and perseverance to us all.  She is home.  She has been grafted in to a family.  She is madly loved.

As she settles into safety, not only are we beginning to see who she is unfold, but she is also beginning to see herself in a new light.  She is on a path of discovery – discovering new hobbies, making new relationships, and beginning to really recognize there is such a greater purpose for her life than she has yet seen.  The process is beautiful… reveals insurmountable levels of strength, requires incredible trust, and again exposes the unconditional love God so generously lavishes on His girls….

Our excitement and expectation continue to increase.  One is home… many more to find….

Melissa Herrmann
Courage House Program Director