Courage House NorCal: I’m Not Giving Up

Courage House NorCal: I’m Not Giving Up
September 16, 2012 admin

A vision for the future
The hot summer months have offered our Courage Girls opportunities to learn, grow and bond in deeper ways. The Courage houses are becoming home, and the girls have taken ownership over their actions and circumstances. In August, we felt the weight of what they’ve undertaken; this month, we celebrate our girls and their successes — like learning to communicate in healthy ways and seeing their hearts change when they share their new world views. One afternoon, we made vision boards for the future. The table was covered with markers, pens and magazines to tear inspiration from. The girls’ instruction was to make a board that encourages them not to give up during their new school year and their new chance at life. Diligently, the girls flipped and tore, cut and pasted, drew and dreamed. As we colored and conversed, they shared:
“I’m not giving up because I want to go to college.”
“I’m not giving up because I want to graduate early.”
“I’m not giving up because I know I’m smart now.”
“I’m not giving up because you don’t give up on me.”