Courage House NorCal: Hide and Seek

Courage House NorCal: Hide and Seek
March 10, 2012 admin

Shouts of laughter and squeals of surprise were heard as we played Hide and Seek recently one night.  But, perhaps, the most precious moment was listening to one of the residents count creatively fast so she could go find her sisters.

After counting, she said, “Sisters, sisters, where are you?”

Another resident has fallen in love with “her horse.”  The horse will literally run up to “her girl” anytime she comes near.

Moments of childhood wonder and delight are becoming more evident here at Courage House as the girls take ownership of this dream and belief that they do deserve a childhood where safety and joy are evident.  They are young women of promise, young women of hope, young women who are believed in beyond all odds and earthly expectations.  They will change the world; they are already changing ours.

There was a special reason that Jesus said we needed to become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven and our girls show us this daily.  They show us innocence and wonder.  Our girls are believing in the dream of Courage House for themselves more and more now.  Your prayers and belief are changing their hearts.

Dreams of where they, too, believe in the hope and future God has called them to are fast becoming a reality.    We will walk through their days with them, and you do, too.