Courage Kids

Courage Kids
July 7, 2020 cwweditor

The expansion of Courage House in the past couple of years has been greater than we could have imagined! At Courage House Tanzania, we have over 40 girls and their children now that have a safe home and a loving family. When girls come to Courage, they are just children: under 18 years old, having experienced a lot of trauma at their young age. It is common for girls to come to Courage either pregnant or with a child. A child, with a child. Taking on the role of a mother while recovering from the trauma of being trafficked is no easy feat. Despite this, the girls prove to be excellent mothers to their children! Courage House is changing generations. Not just the lives of girls, but also their children.

(Pictured: Baby Mercy tagging along to after-school English club!)


At our on-campus school, there is both primary and secondary education for our girls. We also have a preschool for the children of our girls and staff! Madam Emmy, as the children lovingly call her, is the preschool teacher trained in early childhood education. The preschool is conducted entirely in English, empowering even 4-year-old children of our girls to speak both English and Swahili with confidence! The kids have so much fun, as you can see in the following pictures. They learn many skills and create deep friendships with one another. They are like family! This preschool is setting them up for success in their education and in their futures.


The girls!

Some after school fun with the children of our girls and staff!

Some of the kids at Courage aren’t quite ready for preschool! We have a few toddlers running around too.

All of these children are an absolute joy to be around. Their smiles are contagious and their love is infectious! We love them so much, and are so grateful that they are at Courage House. Your donations to Courage House allow the girls and their children to truly change their lives, gain new opportunities, and have a bright present and future. Thank you to all of our supporters for making this happen! If you are not a supporter, but would like to become one, click the Donate button below.

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