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Courage House Northern California is not taking placements at this time and hope to begin taking placements by year end. We have temporarily paused serving girls while we apply for a mental health license and fundraise to recruit, hire and train additional staff.

Since opening in 2011, Courage House Nor Cal has been home to and provided services for over forty (40) minor female victims of sex trafficking. Of those forty children, all but three were in the foster care and/or juvenile justice system.  We have welcomed homed girls come from all over California as well as other states such as Texas, Nevada, Washington and Colorado. All of our residents are U.S. citizens and come from various ethnic backgrounds – Hispanic, Caucasian, African-American, Asian and American Indian. Sadly, this crime shows no favoritism and all communities are affected.

At Courage House Nor Cal residents participate in multiple modules of therapy daily, which provides them with healthy tools to manage their volatile emotions and unhealthy behaviors which are symptoms of their trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) diagnosis.  GPA averages increased from a 1.5 average when arriving at Courage House to a 3.0 after three months of daily, consistent classroom time and individual one-on-one tutors.  Courage House girls have graduated from high school, being the first in their families to do so and many have enrolled in college, again being the first in their family to achieve this milestone.  One former resident graduated from college, obtained a teaching certificate from a local college.  Some have been accepted into a vocational training program and living independently.  Two of our girls testified against their perpetrator and saw a guilty verdict of forty-four years for one and a hundred and thirty-four for the other.

Currently, there are six beds at Courage House Nor Cal. Since we opened in 2011, we have said no to over 310 calls wanting to place girls there because we did not have the room. The Nor Cal expansion plans will provide a place for hundreds of other young victims to begin the process of restoration while experiencing these same types of milestones that can never be taken away from them.

Architectural renderings have been submitted to the county which calls for ten (10) cottages to be built on the property providing homes/beds for sixty (60) girls under the current license.   Each single cottage will be a complete home where six girls will have a room of their own.   The cottages will be built in stages over the next five years. One of the ten cottages will be designated for pregnant moms and moms with their babies–a severely underserved population as well as a cottage for our transgender youth.

The expansion time frame is based on the development and strength of the program, as well as, raising the necessary funding. Currently, funds have been donated for the first structure by Bayside Church in Granite Bay, California. Plans to break ground on this cottage will be mid to late 2016, contingent upon when additional funds are raised for the infrastructure (i.e., electrical, water, sewer, etc.), furnishings, vehicle and 3 months of operating costs, as well as, the procurement of county building permits.   The Sacramento Rotary Club has pledged funds to build the second cottage allowing us to double our capacity without increasing corporate or management overhead.

In addition to building cottages, the expansion plan includes the following: a chapel, school, activities building, riding arena and trails that will utilize the entire 52 acre property. We will also be expanding the existing organic garden that has served as a low-cost food source for the home.

Since May of 2009, a team of more than twenty architects, designers, and engineers, in the land use and entitlement industries, have donated their time and professional services to help in the process of identifying and obtaining the necessary permits required to expand. They have also helped in orchestrating the necessary studies, reports and designs to satisfy the regulatory requirements to allow this expansion.

“From the Mother of a Courage House Girl”

“I am a mother of a Courage House girl. My daughter’s journey began with a total transformation from the loving and well-adjusted happy little girl who would kiss my eyelids to wake me up to a pre-teen that seethed defiance and sexuality. I thought it was that moodiness that parents discuss as their daughters reach the beginning stages of maturity. However, finding texts that were so explicit and chatting with boys/men about actions no 12-year-old could imagine or experience raised red flags. The school became involved as grades slipped. Behaviors escalated requiring treatment programs and counseling. Hospitalizations for self-harm seemed to be the escape from a world my daughter couldn’t handle. And one night, after holding her secrets for over a year, she shared her truth – she had been trafficked for sex.  Read more

Michelle and Her Daughter

Courage House Driveway

View from the driveway at Courage House Northern California

3D Walk-Through of the Courage House Northern California build out.

Courage House Cottage

Architect’s rendering of a cottage in the Northern California build out.

Courage Wall

The Courage Wall will spiral through the entire Northern California campus and will feature words of encouragement from past residents and community supporters.

Courage House Chapel

3D rendering of the chapel at Courage House Northern California.