An 11-Year-Old Helping to Change the World

An 11-Year-Old Helping to Change the World
January 17, 2012 admin

Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?

Change this world one individual at a time…

These are phrases that describe the very core of the Courage to Be You organization. It is who we are, it is what we do.

This past Saturday night, an 11-year old found her purpose and fulfilled a year long dream to host an event in her hometown to bring awareness to her community about the issue of sex trafficking and raise funds for Courage House. This is not just an issue to Sydney Jones, this is her personal fight for girls that she now calls family. The dream for the event was to fill the Blue Goose Events Center in Loomis with new faces, an inspirational message from Sydney’s role model Jenny Williamson and have music played by one of her favorite bands, The Music Room.

The evening found a packed house with both family and friends that came to support Sydney and brand new faces who were intrigued by the 11-year old who has a heart to be a voice for girls sold for sex. The money raised was thousands of dollars, but the impact to the community was profound. As parents, we long to see our children’s dreams fulfilled. We pray they will have the courage to step out in faith to do what God has called them to doŠand then we pray fervently for God’s protection and blessing upon them. It is in these moments of sweet blessing, that we as parents stand back in awe as God’s mighty hand intersects their lives and blesses our children for their obedience.

As Sydney’s mom, I am eternally thankful for the Kingdom impact of a simple dream that God planted in the heart of my daughter and the people He brought together to support the dream and ultimately every child that calls Courage House home. Now on the Monday morning after the event, Sydney says “What do I do next?”

Danielle Jones