Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

At Courage Worldwide, we believe each and every individual was created on purpose for a unique purpose and that purpose has life-altering, eternal implications.

Since opening in 2005, Courage Worldwide (CWW) has simply helped people find that purpose. In 2007, we realized we live in a world where children are sold for sex. When we discovered it wasn’t just in our world but in our own country, our city and state, we became overwhelmed by the fact that these children will die after enduring years of torture, never being and doing all they were created to do if somebody didn’t do something. We discovered most of these children lacked the homes, families, and resources to help them escape the hell they are living in. So we decided to be the somebodies. We decided to do something. We build them homes, call them family, and provide all the resources they need to be and do all God created them to be. Now many who were once called tortured and traumatized are living lives focused on discovering their true identities and fulfilling their destiny.

Our Mission:

In a world where children are sold for sex, Courage Worldwide provides safe houses and resources for child victims so they can reach their unique potential.

Our Vision:

Every child survivor would have the support necessary to begin their journey of hope and healing.

Our Plan for the Next 5 Years:

  • Open a Courage House and Trauma Assessment Center in the United States.
  • Expand our Existing Programs in Tanzania.
  • Research & Replicate Courage House in Other African Countries.
  • Create A Succession Plan for Leadership and Develop New Leaders.
  • Continue Diversifying Our Funding Streams.

How Will We Do It?

  • Connect with interested partners around the world to bring a Courage House to their city.
  • Work with the state of Nevada to open a much-needed safe house and trauma assessment center for victims of Nevada and neighboring areas.
  • Continue to develop donor relationships and seek federal funding through grant opportunities.
  • Place people within our team in positions where their strengths and talents can soar, strengthening our collaborative efforts.

What Will We Need to Be Successful & Sustain the Growth?

  • Diversified funding streams.
  • Committed strategic local, national, and global partners including our board, staff, and donors.
  • Strong corporate infrastructure and leadership.
  • Results. Changed lives.