Endorsements & Awards


“In working with the young, underage victims of sex trafficking in both delinquency and dependency, I have come to realize they present difficult issues relative to placement, counseling, recidivism, and education. In talking with Jenny the past couple of years regarding the creation of Courage House, it became clear to me that not only did she recognize the need for a place to meet the needs of these young women, Jenny was also willing to include the community in shaping Courage House. As I explained to Jenny very early on, Courage House is sorely needed in our community as well as other communities dealing with the unique problem posed by these young victimized girls.”

—Judge Troy L. Nunley, Superior Court of California, Sacramento County

“It is my privilege to play a part in combating the atrocity of human trafficking. The cycle these young victims often find themselves in provides little hope for a normal existence. The collaborative efforts of law enforcement, prosecutors, and community-based organizations shed light on this crisis and seek justice for its victims. Courage House breaks the cycle and gives victims an opportunity for a future. They are an effective and indispensable partner in this fight.”

—Sheriff Scott R. Jones, Sacramento County, California

“Jenny and her tireless team see the human being who has been brutally exploited and set about to nourish her young soul back to health and possibility. They give a girl a chance to make the courageous choice to run away from her trafficker because there will be a loving circle of arms to fall into.”

—Mira Sorvino, Academy Award Winning Actress & United Nations Goodwill Ambassador to Combat Human Trafficking

“Many of us look at the atrocities of our world and say, ‘How horrible,’ but occasionally some brave soul says, ‘How can I help bring an end to this?’ Think of William Wilberforce, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mother Teresa. Jenny Williamson is such a brave soul, and Courage Worldwide is a long-overdue answer to the problem of human-trafficking. I am honored to be a friend and supporter of this tremendous ministry.”

—Dr. Rick Stedman, Former Senior Pastor, Adventure Christian Church

“As a fellow abolitionist, it is my privilege to join hands with Jenny and Courage Worldwide. Many people do not realize sex trafficking is happening in the United States. I’m honored to help shine a spotlight on the problem and give people a chance to be a part of the solution.”

—Natalie Grant, award-winning Christian recording artist

“I am extremely excited to partner with Courage Worldwide to help raise awareness about Courage House. We as a nation are guilty of thinking human trafficking is only an issue in third world nations, but it’s not. It’s right here in our backyard. Courage House is a forerunner for the growing issue of domestic human trafficking and I am honored to partner with them in this fight.”

—Phillip LaRue, Christian recording artist

“The rate of recidivism is exceptionally high relative to young victims of domestic sex trafficking. This return to the streets occurs because the girls often have nowhere else to go and were initially runaways from abusive situations. Courage House gives them hope, a place to recover and realize the true meaning of “home.” Courage House gives those of us in law enforcement hope for recovery of those we rescue and optimism they won’t return to life on the streets.”

—Retired Supervisory Special Agent Mike Rayfield, Violent Crimes Squad, FBI

“People who work with human trafficking victims, I call courageous–Jenny Williamson is one of those people. Her book details her journey to helping young girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking. But it is more. Her book is about you and me finding the courage to be and do all God created us to. Read it! You’ll be encouraged and challenged.”

—Jeremy Affeldt, Pitcher & World Series Champion, San Francisco Giants