A Thank You From a Courage House Girl

A Thank You From a Courage House Girl
September 12, 2013 admin

I am writing this letter to say thank you. Thank you is not enough, though. I have a changed life because of what you have given.

Because you have given, I have been transformed. I moved to Courage House as a young lady who believed she deserved to die and that my life truly had no purpose or meaning. How could my life have purpose when I had been hurt so much, so deeply, and for so many years?

I was recently asked if the girls of Courage House are okay after they are rescued. The sweet woman who asked me that had no idea that my own life had been changed and transformed. I am living out that transformation daily and I appreciate that she just sees a whole, healed, and healthy person in front of her. She has no idea of my scars, no idea of my story.

I am not my story, though I have come to love it because it is so good. I have a home and a family. I do not doubt, question, or budge on that reality. This is my home, my family, my reality. There is no turning back. There is no other way I will live my life except out of this transformation I have received.

Because you have partnered with Courage Worldwide, you have partnered with me and with every girl who calls Courage House home. You have partnered on the side of victory. You have partnered on the side of hope and the belief that harvest is real.

I was walking out at Courage House last weekend and I heard The Lord ask me to look for subtle signs of harvest. I wandered the property and what I heard and saw were shouts of laughter, kayak rides, and taking walks with those you can trust to even lend you a pair of shoes because you wore flip flips instead of something sturdy. I saw life and hope and potential. I believe I saw harvest.

Maybe it is because I can identify it so easily in myself now that it was easy for me to see the harvest. I am not the scared, shaking, vulnerable girl who wanted to die any longer. I am proof of the harvest of Courage House. I am proof of the potential that you pray, give, and believe for. I believe the real harvest is in front of me though. Thank you for believing in my baby sisters and for choosing to help them discover hope and worth.

I can’t thank you enough because thank you just doesn’t explain what my heart feels. Please don’t stop what you have started. The harvest is real. Thank you for giving me the place to start my life, the one that you could see before I could. It was worth it.