A Personal Story of Courage

A Personal Story of Courage
June 25, 2009 admin

We asked Adriana Amer, one of C2BU’s college Scholarship Program awardees if she would express what it meant to her to come to the U.S. to attend college. She agreed.
“Here we go spinning around in an endless circle as if we are in a lottery tank waiting for life to decide to pick us up and give us a chance to fulfill our dreams and continue our path. When this chance comes along, it is then our role to get up and hold on to it with some courage, strong desire and a lot of hope to achieve our goal. My chance came and I decided to take it and give it all my best. It has been a very difficult year for my family and I, especially with the cruel war that destroyed our homes and killed our people. I live in Lebanon in a valley named “Bekaa”, its beautiful nature surrounds my life and fills my soul with joy and relaxation despite of the war. War came as soon as I got back from my year as an exchange student in California, and this impacted my life and made me view things very differently. War then ended and schools began, tears and broken hearts from pain and sorrow were seen in the eyes of many children and parents. There were families who lost their children and children who are now homeless with no one to lookout for them. Sometimes, I would even prefer to stay at home and lock myself up instead of looking at this terrible misery that my people are living in and I can’t do anything to help. The Economic situation was bad but with war it got even worse, and this reflected our life in a
negative way, many people needed food, water, a place they can stay in until the war
is done and it was very hard to be strong and face it.

I was in my last year at high school, in a desperately crazy way I tried and tried to figure out a way that will help me continue my education so that I would help my family, especially my sisters to continue their education too and have a good future. Kelli Jones, my community representative when I was an exchange student and cofounder of Courage to Be You stayed in contact with me when I returned to Lebanon. She was the only one among all the people I know in my life, even the very close ones who stepped up and helped me. Kelli and C2BU gave me the chance, was there for me always and made me feel like there is a purpose for my life. That I should be strong and endure everything. I am very grateful and I advise all the people or students that are in my situation to never, ever lose hope and be patient because life is setting up for you a plan but its all in your hand to choose the right road”. Adriana Amer exchange student from Lebannon.