A letter from a girl who calls Courage House “Home”

A letter from a girl who calls Courage House “Home”
September 27, 2018 pearls

This week in our $100,000.00 in 100 day campaign, one of our girls who currently calls Courage House home in the US, wanted to personally detail her experience there as well as tell you in her own words what your generosity and support has meant to her and her future. She is an incredibly kind individual with enormous dreams for her life. She pursues those dreams with fierce determination. It has been an honor to watch her blossom from a shy child to a courageous, compassionate young woman. It is my honor to also call her my god-daughter and have her a part of our adoptive family. Her freedom and success would not have been possible without your prayers, support and generous financial giving. Thank you!

–Jenny Williamson, Founder/CEO Courage Worldwide, Inc.

I came to Courage House when I was 13 years old and now I am 19, living at the over 18, Courage House, going to college full-time and working part-time. I am not sure that would have happened without the people at Courage House. Living at “Courage” has helped me grow and become an independent woman.

When I first came to Courage House, I finally got to feel like a normal kid because I did not have to stress or worry about anything. I did not have to worry about being harmed, or if I would have food to eat and I knew I had a bed to sleep in each night – my own bed. Having the incredible staff at “Courage” by my side for these past six (6) years has been a blessing because without them, I do not know where I would be right now. Before I did not know how to speak up for myself and I always allowed people to run over me but at Courage House, I learned how to defend myself and tell people how I actually felt. I now know when to say no and when to say yes and I now can spot when someone is taking advantage of me. Counseling has been a big part of my healing while living there because I had someone to vent to and I received great advice. I feel heard and valued. There were days I wanted to give up and go back to a lifestyle that was unhealthy for me but I decided to accept the message at “courage” to put myself first and love myself first instead of trying to satisfy my family members or others who wanted to use me. I am very grateful to have called Courage House home.

I just wanted to personally take my time to thank you, the volunteers and donors for taking the time out of their day to help a non-profit organization that chooses to focus on victims of sex trafficking. Thank you for your support; it means a lot to me. It helps not just me but the other girls too. There are more girls to rescue. I am super grateful for all the volunteers and donors. I could not have done it without you. It means the world to me to see that people do care.

–From a girl who calls Courage House home.

When she turned 18, this “courage girl” wanted to honor all that was given her by using our logo and the word courage as her first tattoo of choice. This was a very significant choice for her because during the time she was trafficked, she was forced to be branded with tattoos chosen by her trafficker. Since coming to Courage House, she now has full freedom as well as choices for her own body, mind, spirit and emotional health.

Would you prayerfully consider giving today, so that others girls can be set free, can call Courage House home and get a new forever family?